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Vol.1 : ART & FASHION exhibition  

5pm-10pm 14th May 2022

@ Gallery Lounge

Our first event will be coming at Ancoats. We exhibit the unique "AI" art work with our own perspectives, which allows you to have the sensational  experience with nice drinks, food and music.

2022_04_13_AI0570 copy.jpg

Our Story

Ensemble brings you a transdisciplinary exhibition combining the creative worlds of Fashion, Art and Artificial Intelligence. The exhibition has a focus on the intersecting worlds of the digital realm and real life. Utilising both analogue and digital technologies.

Meet The Creators


Let us know the attendance! This ticket provides the proof of  our event access.

14th May | 17:00 start

@Gallery Lounge

Islington Wharf, 153 Great Ancoats St,Manchester M4 6DH.

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